Sunday, September 4, 2011

HOW THE WEST WAS FUN! "Fact Realism vs TV is 'em Real"

More Western humor, illustrated by the legendary Jack Davis...
...but NOT from MAD!
It's from This Magazine is CRAZY! V4N8, a MAD imitator which only lasted seven issues!
Both as a comic and a b/w magazine, MAD inspired many imitators.
Some, like Cracked, are going even today.
Others, like This Magazine is CRAZY, were short-lived, but able, from time to time, to get work from MAD's regulars, almost all of whom were freelancers.
This particular piece from 1959 apparently was a satirical response to TV's sanitizing the images of both cowboys and Indians in ongoing series.
Westerns were the most popular scripted genre at the time, dominating almost half the prime time and syndicated schedules.
The writer is, regrettably, unknown.


  1. Could you tell me which issue of "This Magazine is Crazy" this was featured in? I'd very much appreciate it!

    (I looked to see if there was contact info somewhere on the blog, but couldn't find it if it's here).

  2. If you look right below the first illustration, you'll see "V4N8" (Volume 4, Number 8) which was from march, 1959.
    I should've put the full listing for the issue.
    My bad.


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