Monday, April 16, 2012

HOW THE WEST WAS FUN! "Timmy Goes West"

Not the first time a tornado threw someone into a strange locale...
...but add time travel and a shy specter into the plot and, as they say, hilarity ensues...
Curiously, this was the only story (out of several tales) in this issue featuring Timmy in the Wild West!
If the storyline continued, it would've been in the next issue, which I don't have.

Timmy was one of numerous Casper the Friendly Ghost clones who materialized during the 1950s.
Almost every comic company had one, even Marvel/Atlas (Homer the Happy Ghost), but not DC, who tended to establish, rather than follow, trends.

Our Western-themed tale appeared in Charlton Comics' Timmy the Timid Ghost #7 (1957), illustrated (and possibly written) by multi-talented (editor/art director/writer/illustrator) Al Fago.

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