Monday, April 9, 2012

RIFLEMAN "Outlaw's Pony" Conclusion

While visiting town for supplies, Lucas McCain and his son, Mark, hear the Bragan boys have just robbed the local bank.
Sending Mark home, Lucas joins the posse searching for the outlaws.
The posse encounters the fleeing robbers.
Lucas, using his rifle, wounds one of the thieves at extreme range, causing him to fall off his horse.
That horse, with the robbery's proceeds (but no rider), bolts away.
But, the robbers, even with two on one horse, manage to evade capture.
Mark, heading home, encounters the riderless steed and brings it back to the homestead.
When Lucas returns home after dark, he examines the horse's saddlebags, finds the stolen money, and heads back to town to return it to the bank...
(BTW, you'll note that, in the first panel below, the robbers are on two horses, even though they say they need to grab a horse!
In the following panels, they have only one horse!
It's a continuity error.)
The back cover of the comic has a feature about the customized Winchester Lucas uses...
There are a couple of inaccuracies about the weapon as shown in the series...
1) In the opening credits, Lucas fires thirteen times without reloading.
Pretty good trick for an eleven-shot rifle!
2) Though the show is set in the mid-1880s (as shown in newspaper headlines and a plaque on the Lucas ranch house), the version of the Winchester rifle shown (even before modification) wasn't manufactured until 1891!

The script for this tale from Four Color Comics #1009 (1959) was penned by Eric Freiwald and Robert Schaefer, while the art was provided by Dan Spiegle, one of the primary illustrators for Dell (and later, Gold Key) movie/tv adaptations due to his knack for rendering likenesses of actors.

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