Monday, October 1, 2012

STAMP COMICS "Pony Express"

Sometimes legends are based on truth...
...sometimes they're just rip-roarin' good stories, and sometimes it's a mix of the two, as in this tale from Youthful's Stamps Comics #1 (1951)!
Considering the legacy of the service (and its' still-synonymous connection with speedy delivery), it's hard to believe the Pony Express lasted less than two years!
Stamps Comics was one of numerous attempts to do an "educational, yet entertaining" comic.
Each issue featured "the story behind the stamp" short tales.
This particular story was illustrated by the team of Ed Goldfarb and Bob Baer who did a lot of work in the early 1950s for Youthful, Avon, St John, and Atlas in a variety of genres.
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