Monday, April 1, 2013

SLICK CHICK COMICS: Tiny in "Wild West"

For April Fool's Day, here's a Western tale from a humor comic...
...with a surprisingly-common plot:
  • Contemporary heroine visits ranch, falls in love with Westerner!
  • Boyfriend develops jealousy over infatuation.
  • Hilarity ensues (supposedly).
This short story featuring the title character from Leader's Slick Chick Comics appeared in the third (and final issue) of the series in 1947.
Curiously, the character is never called "Slick Chick" on the inside of the book!
Both writer and artist are unknown.
Leader Publications entered comics in 1946 and left the field the next year, producing only three titles with a combined total of ten a time when comics were booming!
It was one of several attempts by comic book "packager" S M Iger to do his own comic book line.
None were successful.

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