Monday, September 30, 2013


Here's a never-reprinted spoof from Premier's MAD-clone NUTS! #2 (1954)...
...done by an unidentified writer and artist.
Premier Magazines had only 7 titles (including a Western comic, Masked Ranger) over a two-year period in 1953-54, then disappeared into the mists of time.

Monday, September 23, 2013

ROY ROGERS "Tornado Weather"

It's interesting that, in the three years this blog has been around...
...we've never done a post featuring one of the most popular cowboy stars of both movies and TV, Roy Rogers!
Note: may be NSFW due to racial stereotypes common to 1950s pop culture.
This never-reprinted tale from Dell's Roy Rogers Comics #74 (1954) is in the same vein as other "Reel-Life Western" comics with the cowboy star playing himself doing things usually done in the movies by stuntmen!
Note: though the comic had already been doing a number of stories using the Roy Rogers TV series' format, this particular tale seems to be a standalone unlrelated to those as Roy is a deputy for a different sherriff as seen in the TV show and his TV character (also called "Roy Rogers") is a rancher!
Written by Gaylord DuBois, illustrated by John Buscema and Mario Acquaviva.

Monday, September 16, 2013

SPACE WESTERN Hank Roper in "Battle of Spaceman's Gulch"

It's been awhile since we looked in on Spurs Jackson and His Space Vigilantes... here's a tale involving cowboys and aliens (what a great title for a movie!) and a convention of sci-fi fans!
(Before you make a snarky comment about "They had sci fi conventions way back then?", sci fi cons date back to, at least, 1938!)
Written by Walter Gibson and illustrated by Stan Campbell, this tale from Charlton's Space Western #43 (1953) is probably the first comic story to feature science fiction (instead of comic book) fans involved in the story!

Monday, September 9, 2013

ALARMING TALES "Monster from 1977 A.D."

Western/fantasy tales can be fun...
...especially this intriguing 1958 tale involving both a monster and time travel!
There is a problematic aspect to this tale: how did we know the gila monster that mutated into a giant didn't come along later?
Despite that, this poignant, never-reprinted little story from Harvey's Alarming Tales #4 (1958), written by Carl Wessler & Bob Powell, and illustrated by Powell and his studio has a lovely melancholy feel.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Harry J Smith: the Man Who Would be Tonto!

Since technical difficulties with Google+ Photos are keeping me from posting the usual comic tale, I thought I'd link to a story from Sunday's New York Times about 1950's TV's Tonto, Jay Siverheels, and his pre-Lone Ranger athletic career in Canada!
Here's the LINK to the site.
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