Monday, November 11, 2013


Sometimes the line between "good" guy and "bad" guy is blurred... we see in this never-reprinted one-shot tale from Premier's Masked Ranger Comics #4 (1954)
Future MAD Magazine artist George Woodbridge shows his versatility in penciling this tale of moral ambiguity in the Old West.
It's believed that Sid Check provided the inking, but there's no authoritative source for a writer's credit.

And now for a sad announcement.
Because of lack of readers, we're taking this blog off it's once-a-week frequency.
The blog will still be around, and there will be new posts, usually linked to something Western-themed occuring in movies or TV, or to note the passing of a Western media celebrity.
At that point, I'll gauge if there's enough interest to go back to weekly posting.

So it's "Happy Trails to you...until we meet again..."

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