Friday, October 31, 2014

WESTERN OUTLAWS & SHERIFFS "El Sombro! Mexico's Ghost of Chapel Hill"

We're doing a combo Halloween / Dia de los Muertos post...
 ...featuring a Ghost Rider/Masked Marvel-style hero with a Mexican twist!
Despite the references, there was no real-life El Sombro!
The unknown writer for this tale from Atlas' Western Outlaws and Sheriffs #62 (1950) made the tale up!
The art's a bit problematic.
The splash page is by Joe Maneely, and the rest of the tale is attributed to penciler John Buscema and an unknown inker.
Personally, I have my doubts.
When the tale was reprinted in Marvel's Rawhide Kid #100 (1972), El Sombro received a makeover...
...with a revision of his color scheme (or original lack therof)!
In the interim, Marvel had produced a rebooted version of the 1950s Ghost Rider (including his all-white color scheme)...
 ... who was still appearing as a guest-star in various Marvel Old West titles.
Perhaps the editors thought the audience would confuse the two characters!
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