Wednesday, August 16, 2017

WILD WESTERN ACTION "Bravados: Guns of the Iron Riders"

Interesting how the Bravados story titles do a "Guns of the..." theme, eh?
The previous story was titled "Five Against the Guns of Diablo"!
Now let's see what lurks behind the never-reprinted cover by Syd Shores and Frank Giacoia!
Though the art on this never-reprinted tale from Skywald's Wild Western Action #3 (1971) is credited to penciler Syd Shores and inker Mike Esposito, there's a lot of John Romita Sr-influenced work here!
Shores died of a heart attack in 1973.
That sort of cardiac problem is cumulative.
He could have had less severe attacks or strokes before that, temporarily-incapacitating him.
Could he have been ill and friends came in to meet the deadline (uncredited) for this issue?
We'll never know...
BTW, this was the final issue of Wild Western Action, but the Bravados still had one more story to you'll see next week!

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