Monday, July 25, 2011

BUSTER CRABBE COMICS "Invaders from Beyond"

Though Buster Crabbe starred in more Westerns than any other genre, he's best-known to the public at large as the movie serial Flash Gordon and Buck Rogers!
As we mentioned earlier,  his comic book adventures included sci-fi and high adventure tales as well as Western stories.
This story, cover-featured in Buster Crabbe Comics #9, combined sci-fi and Western action, though set in the "present" (1953), like Space Western Comics, which was being published at the same time.
The writer is unknown, but the art on both the cover and story is by Mike Roy, who worked steadily in comics from the beginning of the Golden Age in 1941 until 1980!
Note that Buster is Buster Crabbe, not "Buster Crabbe as a character like Billy West" or somesuch in the tale, and it's assumed that he's actually able to do anything he's been shown doing in his films.
There was one other mixed-genre tale in Buster Crabbe Comics, and we'll be presenting it in a special posting this Friday to celebrate the opening of Cowboys & Aliens!

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