Monday, September 12, 2011

WANDER: The Man from Sirius 5

You thought Cowboys & Aliens and Space Western Comics were the only ongoing sci-fi westerns?
Though it was a backup feature (and never made the cover of the comic, except as a blurb), there was...Wander!
A extraterrestrial Shakespeare-spouting traveling-salesman (with superhuman abilities and alien technology) in the Old West!
Well, sorta...
It did last longer than either Space Western Comics! (also published, almost 20 years earlier, by Charlton Comics) or Cowboys & Aliens!
From the debut tale in Cheyenne Kid #66 (1968) seen above, to Cheyenne Kid #87 (1971), there were 21 chapters to the saga of the stranded traveling salesman from Sirius Five.
The series was created by "Sergius O'Shaugnessy" (then-neophyte comics writer Denny O'Neil using a pen-name based on a Norman Mailer character) and artist Jim Aparo, both of whom would go on to much bigger things a couple of years later at DC Comics.
We'll be presenting more tales of Wander in the near-future...

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