Monday, September 26, 2011

ZORRO "Presenting Senor Zorro" Conclusion

"Out of the night, when the full Moon is bright, comes the horseman known as Zorro!"
Don't worry, you didn't miss anything!
For Part One of this comic adaptation of the pilot episode of the 1950s Walt Disney tv series, go to Secret Sanctum of Captain Video™.
Right now, all you need know is...
It is 1820.
Young Don Diego de la Vega has been summoned home to California by his father to help deal with a cruel military governor.
Wisely believing the governor, Captain Monastero, would be on his guard against an angry caballero, Diego decides to present himself as a foppish man of leisure.
After witnessing the capture of Don Nacho Torres, a friend of his father and outspoken opponent of Monastero, Diego prepares to begin his war on injustice...
Oddly, Zorro/Don Diego resembles classic movie swashbuckler Errol Flynn (who never played Zorro) more than he does Guy Williams, who played this version of the character for Walt Disney!
The writer is unknown, though the plot (and some of the dialogue) are taken from the first episode of the tv show, which this story adapts into comic form.
The art is by Alex Toth, during the period he was moving from illustrating comics to designing and art-directing tv animation.

Bonus: A 1957 promo...

Zorro will return...

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