Monday, October 10, 2011

THE ORIGINAL GHOST RIDER "Ghost Rider vs Frankenstein"

When Titans Clash!
And, it was the cover-featured story for Ghost Rider #10 (December 1952), though not illustrated by Frank Frazetta as were some of the earlier covers!
This particular one was by interior artist Dick Ayers, who illustrated almost all of stories in Ghost Rider.
But, as a matter of fact, this book was the Halloween issue!
(Comics were cover-dated 2-3 months ahead of their actual on-sale date, so this issue was on-sale in October, 1952!)
And now, on with the tale...
Aw, shucks, it wasn't really the Monster of Frankenstein!
This was, more often than not, the modus operandi used by baddies in Ghost Rider tales.
What seems to be supernatural, is just sleight-of-hand.
However, there were a couple of tales where things were, in fact, what they appeared to be!
We'll be presenting one of them, featuring zombies, on Halloween!
Watch for it!
Next Week:
Cowboys vs Dinosaurs!
The Valley of Gwangi

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