Tuesday, October 18, 2011


"He who dares steal from the Evil One is cursed!"
So spoke the old woman after Carlos took El Diablo from the hidden Valley of Gwangi!
(But what is El Diablo?)
Meanwhile, in a nearby town, T.J. Breckenridge, beautiful cowgirl owner of a traveling rodeo, struggles with near-bankruptcy when she meets stunt rider/former fiance Tuck Kirby, who makes an offer for the only asset the show has...Omar the Wonder Horse!
T.J. refuses, saying she's about to unveil a spectacular new attraction that will turn the rodeo's fortunes around!
The next day, Tuck encounters Professor Bromley, a palentologist who claims to have discovered tracks of a presumed long-extinct ancestor of the modern horse!
How do these events tie together?
Read on...
Need we say...
Be here tomorrow for the

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