Monday, December 12, 2011

"Billy the Kid"

There are many theories as to how the legendary gunfighter Billy the Kid died...
...but this one is probably the most outlandish!
Billy the Kid has been one of the most popular (and controversial) Real-Life Westerners ever to appear in the media.
Portrayed as everything from a psychopathic killer to a misunderstood teen-ager, he's been the subject of movies, radio and TV shows (both as the title character, and as a guest-star), theatre productions, novels, and no less than a half-dozen comic book titles as well as several hundred comic stories.
(He even fought Dracula in the 1966 b-movie Billy the Kid vs Dracula and traveled thru time in an episode of The Time Tunnel!)
This one-shot tale, illustrated by George Woodbridge appeared in Masked Ranger #6 (1955), and was Woodbridge's first published comics work!
He later became one of the mainstays of MAD Magazine, as well as a military history illustrator noted for his accuracy in rendering uniforms and weapons.

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