Wednesday, February 22, 2012

LOBO "Old 'Friend'" and "Sad Ending"

Landing a job as a "drover" with a cattle drive, an ex-Union soldier tries to be accepted as just another cowboy.
But a cruel Fate has other plans for him, as he is framed for murder.
Now known as "Lobo",  he seeks to clear his name...
Thus ends the first chapter in The Saga of Lobo.
 Want to see the next (and final) issue?
Let us know!
BTW, the preceding tale  was written by Don "DJ" Arneson and illustrated by Tony Tallarico, two guys who were well ahead of their time!

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  1. Love your blog... just started a similarly themed one myself but I am clearly not as knowledgable. I look forward to checking back often.


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