Monday, February 27, 2012

MOVIE COMICS "Stagecoach"

Nobody personified Western movies like John Wayne, and this was his breakout film...
...immortalized in print with a unique fumetti-style adaptation in DC Comics' Movie Comics #2 (1939)
Using photographs was certainly one way around the problem of getting an exact likeness of the actors!
The design/compositing/additional art was done by Jack Adler, a production artist/illustrator who rose thru the ranks and eventually became DC Comics'  Production Manager/Vice President of Production, innovating a number of production techniques that became standard comics practices.

Movie Comics ran for six issues, adapting everything from Westerns to romances to science fiction.
(Our "brother" blog, Secret Sanctum of Captain Video™re-presented the adaptation of Phantom Creeps starring Bela Lugosi which used the same fumetti-format HERE.)

Here's a fascinating piece from a feature called Screen Scoops featuring tidbits about the actors from the various movies adapted in that issue...
Art and script by Walter Galli

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