Monday, March 26, 2012

BUTCH CASSIDY "Thunder Across the Border"

The fictional adventures of Real-Life Westerners...
...tend to take them far from their usual stomping grounds, as seen in this tale from Butch Cassidy #1 (1971).
Writer Gary Friedrich also handled the 1960s Marvel version of the 1950s Western hero The Ghost Rider a couple of years earlier.
He later co-created the motorcycle-riding mystical Ghost Rider with Mike Ploog.
Penciler Tom Sutton had done several Western stories for Marvel, including a Wyatt Earp tale, before taking on this series, but he's best known for his horror and humor art.
Though John Tartaglione did the majority of the inking, John Severin retouched several panels to keep characters "on-model".
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