Monday, April 30, 2012

YANG "Slave" Conclusion

Benevolent mandarin Chung Yuan is murdered by assassins sent by the evil warlord Chao Ku.
The mandarin tells his son, Chung Hui, to " Yang to all men...the source of rightousness" with his dying breath.
Chung Hiu defeats the assassins and tracks down Chao Ku.
He is about to kill the warlord when a girl distracts him and renders him unconscious with a drug-tipped ring.
The girl is Yin Li, daughter of Chao Ku.
But, unlike her father, she is not evil, and doesn't want Chung Hui dead.
The unconscious man is loaded on a slave ship destined for America where he'll be put to work on a railroad.
When the opportunity arises, the man known to the slavers as Yang breaks free and dives overboard...
This origin story from Yang #1 (1973) was written by Joe Gill and illustrated by Warren Sattler, who handled the series' entire 13-issue run.
The title was popular enough to produce a spin-off series called House of Yang about other Chung family members which was published the months the bi-monthly Yang didn't come out.
So, for a year, there was a Yang-related title every month!

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