Monday, May 21, 2012


Despite the fact this story appeared in a comic called Death Valley... doesn't take place in Death Valley, nor did the Real-Life Westerner the tale is about ever go to Death Valley!
Billy the Kid has been one of the most popular (and controversial) Real-Life Westerners ever to appear in the media.
Portrayed as everything from a psychopathic killer to a misunderstood teen-ager, he's been the subject of movies, radio and TV shows (both as the title character, and as a guest-star), theatre productions, novels, and no less than a half-dozen comic book titles as well as several hundred comic stories.
(He even fought Dracula in the 1966 b-movie Billy the Kid vs Dracula and traveled thru time in an episode of The Time Tunnel!)
This particular never-reprinted tale was published in Comic Media's Western anthology series Death Valley #1 (1953), penciled by Ross Andru and inked by Mike Esposito.
The writer is unknown.

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