Tuesday, August 28, 2012

PRESTO KID "Floating Renegade"

We presented the origin of the Presto Kid, the Western hero without a gun...
...so now, we're going to show you his final adventure...and the costume he wore only once!
OK, it's not so much a new costume as a new color scheme for the old one.
Nitpick, nitpick...
From his first appearance in Red Mask #51 (1955) onward, Presto took over the cover slot, but only three issues later, the book was cancelled with #54 (1956) and both Red Mask and Presto Kid disappeared until the 1960s when some of their stories were reprinted by IW Publishing/Super Comics.
But this particular tale has never been reprinted!
Be here tomorrow for another tale of a Masked Western Hero!

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