Monday, January 7, 2013

TEX GRANGER "...Rides into Arizona City"

Tex Granger lasted only four years (1947-50) and about two dozen appearances...

...but, unlike most characters who don't receive spin-offs unless they've been around for years. he achieved multi-media star status just one year after his debut!
Granger's never-reprinted debut tale from Parents Magazine Institute's Calling All Boys #10 (1947) was written by Charles Spain Verral and illustrated by Lorence Bjorklund, both long-time pulp magazine creators who were making the transition to comics as pulps died out.
Eight issues after Granger's premiere, Calling All Boys became Tex Granger, dropping most of the text features to make room for more Granger stories in each issue.
The title only lasted seven issues.
Two inventory stories were published in the back of the final two issues of Parents' longest-running comic, True Comics, then Tex Granger disappeared into the mists of history...but not before leaving behind a cinematic we shall see next week!

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