Monday, February 18, 2013

LOBO "Showdown" (And THE END of Lobo!)

 After "The King's" plan to frame Lobo (in order to trick the local sheriff into hunting and killing the hero) fails, the crazed criminal is forced to do his own dirty work...
But Lobo didn't return...
This was his last appearance...anywere!
(There's never even been a reprint trade paperback.)
As to why, artist Tony Tallarico explained in a 2006 interview...
I approached D. J. Arneson and he brought it in and showed it to (Dell Comics editor-in-chief) Helen Meyer. ... She loved it.She really wanted to do it.
Great, so we did it.
We did the first issue.
And in comics, you start the second issue as they're printing the first one, due to time limitations. ...
All of the sudden, they stopped the wagon.
They stopped production on the issue.
They discovered that as they were sending out bundles of comics out to the distributors (that) they were being returned unopened.
And I couldn't figure out why.
So they sniffed around, scouted around and discovered (that many sellers) were opposed to Lobo, who was the first Black Western hero.
That was the end of the book.
It sold nothing.
They printed 200,000; that was the going print-rate.
They sold, oh, 10-15,000!
That's why it's up to you, dear reader, to spread the word!
Link to this blog's entries on Lobo!
Tell others of the FIRST Black character to have his own comic book!
Let the Lobo legend live!

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