Monday, March 11, 2013

TALES OF WELLS FARGO "Salt Water Man Hunt" Conclusion

Landing on an island in the middle of the Great Salt Lake, Hardie finds "Red" Larkin, the robber, burying his loot.
Hardie gets the drop on Larkin and orders him to surrender.
But Larkin is a sneaky son of a...
Written by Gaylord Dubois, penciled by Gil Kane, and inked by Russ Heath, this cover story from Dell's Four Color #1167 (1961) is an atypical tale of cowboys and, of all things, boats, combining Kane's dynamic storytelling and Heath's amazing attention to historical accuracy and slick inking style!
Dale Robertson starred in four Western TV series: Tales of Wells Fargo, Iron Horse, the final year of Death Valley Days, and (as a contemporary Western private eye) in J J Starbuck, as well as ongoing roles on two of the biggest nighttime soaps; Dallas and Dynasty!
Trivia: Dale was one of the few left-handed Western heroes!

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