Monday, July 29, 2013

LONE RANGER "and the Hooded Horsemen" Part 1

Our final entry for Lone Ranger Month is a two-parter...
...reprinting a story from the newspaper strip!
Note: the first page is from the inside front cover of the comic, so it's a two-color (red and black) page.
The rest of the story is traditional "four color".
How will the Lone Ranger and Tonto escape?
How will they rescue the two women?
Find out...
I always thought that "no kill" gimmick was going to backfire at one point or another...
This tale from Dell's Four Color Comics #167 (1947) was written by Lone Ranger co-creator Fran Striker and illustrated by Charles Flanders.
It was originally-published in 1941 as part of the Lone Ranger syndicated newspaper strip.
Though probably adapted from a radio script, it's been retitled, so I haven't yet figureed out which 1941 (or earlier) episode it's from.

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