Tuesday, July 9, 2013

LONE RANGER "Story of the Lone Ranger" Conclusion

Clayton Moore, the Lone Ranger to several generations of fans.
A group of Texas Rangers are ambushed and left for dead by outlaw Butch Cavendish.
Investigating the sounds of the gunfight, local resident Tonto discovers one of the Rangers, John Reid, though badly-wounded, is still alive.
Thanks to Tonto's nursing, Reid gradually recovers, and swears, not vengeance, but to bring Cavendish and his gang to justice.
To let Cavendish think no witness to the massacre survives, Reid dons a mask and, at Tonto's suggestion takes the name "Lone Ranger".
Recruiting a retired Ranger to work a silver mine he inherited and mold the silver bullets that would become his symbol, the Ranger prepares to wage war on evil...
One of the ongoing tropes of the radio and tv series was the Lone Ranger disguising himself in order to gather information, usually as an old prospector, though he also appeared as a banker, a librarian, and even a little old lady!
On tv (and the two feature films done during the show's run), the Ranger never appeared without his mask or a disguise.
In flashbacks as John Reid, his back was to the camera or his face was in shadows.
This conceit was carried over to the comics as well, as this story demonstrates.
Originally-presented in Dell's Lone Ranger #118 (1958), this tale by writer Paul S Newman and artist Tom Gill reflects the long-established history that was maintained in all the various media incarnations of the characters...except the first movie serial (which we'll be covering this weekend).
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