Monday, August 12, 2013


Was this story a "pilot" for a comic adaptation of TV's Tales of Wells Fargo?
Read the story, which appeared in Dell's Western Roundup #19 (1957), then judge for yourself.
Well, the "Marshall" looks like Dale Robertson, star of Tales of Wells Fargo, which had been running on TV for several months when this story was published...
And Dell began publishing a series of Tales of Wells Fargo/Man from Wells Fargo stories, both in Western Roundup, and Four Color Comics only a couple of months after this tale.
I think not...
Both the writer and artist of this tale are officially-unknown, but several experts peg Vic Carrobotta as the artist.
Considering there are elements of Alex Toth, George Tuska, and Mike Sekowsky's styles in the story and Carrobotta worked with all of them at one point or another, it's not an unreasonable guess.

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