Monday, September 23, 2013

ROY ROGERS "Tornado Weather"

It's interesting that, in the three years this blog has been around...
...we've never done a post featuring one of the most popular cowboy stars of both movies and TV, Roy Rogers!
Note: may be NSFW due to racial stereotypes common to 1950s pop culture.
This never-reprinted tale from Dell's Roy Rogers Comics #74 (1954) is in the same vein as other "Reel-Life Western" comics with the cowboy star playing himself doing things usually done in the movies by stuntmen!
Note: though the comic had already been doing a number of stories using the Roy Rogers TV series' format, this particular tale seems to be a standalone unlrelated to those as Roy is a deputy for a different sherriff as seen in the TV show and his TV character (also called "Roy Rogers") is a rancher!
Written by Gaylord DuBois, illustrated by John Buscema and Mario Acquaviva.

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