Monday, October 3, 2016

Countdown to Halloween 2016: GHOST RIDER "Tales of the Ghost Rider: Tortures of the Damned"

Welcome to our weekly contribution to Countdown to Halloween 2016...
...a never-reprinted tale from Magazine Enterprises' Ghost Rider #11 (1953)!
Penciled by Ghost Rider co-creator Dick Ayers and inked by his cousin, Ernie Bache, this story plays with the "is it only a dream?" trope to good effect.
Sadly, the writer is unknown...
Ironically, most of these "Tales of the Ghost Rider", relating non-Rider Western ghost stories, had actual supernatural elements, while only a few of the Ghost Rider stories did!
They tended to feature criminals pretending to be supernatural beings...just like the Ghost Rider himself!
Note: the first version of the Rider's origin had no mystical aspects as shown HERE.
But the revised version from the premiere issue of his own book did introduce supernatural elements as shown HERE!
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