Wednesday, August 2, 2017


Skywald was a short-lived Bronze Age (early 1970s) publishing company...
...which published both color comics and b/w magazines!
The color comics had no superheroes, but they covered almost every other genre including individual titles about romance, jungle adventure, horror/fantasy, and (with five titles) Westerns!
Why so many Western books?
Nobody knows, but none of the Skywald series went more than four issues!
That's not to say the books were bad.
The 25 52-page titles featured reprints from defunct publishers and new lead stories produced by moonlighting DC and Marvel this never-reprinted premiere tale from Wild Western Action #1 (1971)
Written by up-and-comer Len Wein and illustrated by long-time pros Syd Shores and Mike Esposito, 
the cliche-riddled, socially-relevant, revisionist Western series was equal to almost all the other Old West material being put out by their competitors.
There were four Bravados tales, three in Wild Western Action and one in a self-titled one-shot.
We'll be presenting them throughout August.
Be here next week to read the next chapter!

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